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15th International Workshop on Tamil Epigraphy

Thursday 18 July 2019

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1-11 octobre 2019
Annamalai University, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu, Inde

Tamil Epigraphy: Corpus Analysis, Database Construction and Information Retrieval

Organised in collaboration with the Centre of Advanced Study in Linguistics, Annamalai University, and the Department of Tamil, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu, India.

Affiche & programme (pdf)
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We are pleased to announce the Fifteenth International Workshop on Tamil Epigraphy, to be held from 1 to 11 October 2019 in Tamil Nadu, India. We have organised fourteen international workshops on Tamil Epigraphy since 2003. Based on constructive feedback received from the participants of the past workshops, we are planning to offer a new series of epigraphy trainings that will concentrate on computer-aided corpus analysis, language and linguistic analysis and information retrieval techniques in a variety of complimentary disciplines. This workshop is meant for doctoral students and advanced researchers who desire to gain advanced skills in Tamil epigraphy. The sessions will be presented in English.

The workshop will focus on how to read and interpret inscriptions along with providing exposure to available tools to analyse and synthesize them. The major aim of this workshop is to lay emphasis on the techniques of compiling and using Tamil epigraphic database as well as techniques to be used in corpus based text analysis and information retrieval.

Course coordinators
Appasamy MURUGAIYAN (FRE 2018 Mondes iranien et indien, Paris), K. RAJAN (Pondicherry University), S. RAJAVELU (Tamil University), R. MURALIDHARAN (Tamil University), V. SELVAKUMAR (Tamil University), V. THIRUVALLUVAN (Annamalai University) and P. VELMURUGAN, (Central University of Tamil Nadu).

The first week (1- 5 October 2019), at Annamalai University, will be devoted to theoretical and special lectures on techniques of text analysis and interpretation and information retrieval. The second week (6 – 11 October), at The Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur, will be devoted to the field work, estampage making, reading in situ, palaeographic training and other related areas of research..

Course programme
The workshop will include field works, practical trainings and special lectures. The workshop will focus on the following points:

  • Visit to sites, practical training, reading inscriptions in situ
  • Digital documentation and preservation of inscriptions
  • Text analysis and compilation of epigraphic database
  • Reinterpretation of few selected inscriptions
  • Language of Tamil inscriptions
  • Evolution of scripts: Tamiḻ-Brāhmī, Vaṭṭeḻuttu, Tamiḻ and Grantha

Registration to the workshop is mandatory. Each participant has to bear the cost of accommodation, food, practical works and travelling to different sites. Interested students and research scholars should register before 20 September 2019. For registration and information, please contact: A. Murugaiyan at: